My experience with “White Privilege”

Hi! I’m not just any white person, I’m a Ukrainian white person! You know what this means?

  • Centuries of cultural oppression
  • Artificial famine and extermination during Soviet era
  • Language, arts, and identity heavily restricted
  • Culture is synonymous with Russian culture in the West
  • Russian culture is also synonymous with stupid, drunk, bandit culture so we’re seen like that
  • We’re seen as the country that’s basically a tiny Russia
  • On a religious scale we’ve been traded back and forth by the Polish who forced Ukrainian Orthodoxy into Communion with Rome, and our Church was sold by the Patriarch of Constantinople to Moscow against our will
  • A good portion of Ukrainians are under the poverty line. My privileged, Ukrainian family worked our asses off to get out of a one-room and kitchen, roach filled apartment, to a middle-class lifestyle in Canada

This post isn’t a complaint about any of the things listed above. There are many cultures who have suffered just as much, if not more. This kind of crap happens.

What actually pisses me off is when you ignorant idiots who claim to fight for social justice automatically throw me into a “privileged” category just because I’m white.

Not all white people are the same.

White (White, Anglo-Saxon 3d generation immigrant culture) privilege exists, and it’s COMPLETELY NATURAL

Stop complaining and do something about your circumstances. Your inferiority complex is stupid and you should deal with it just like every other subjugated, oppressed culture has.

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